Not many people make their own card game. Not many people are like our funny, enthusiastic, and fantastic creator, Soraya Seiden.

Meet the card game creator: Soraya Seiden

It’s an exciting time here at Are You A Potty Mouth.  The card game is now available for sale online, and we have a presence on social media. 

Today, we sit down with the creator and driving force behind this fun, funny, and multi-generational card game, Soraya Seiden. 

Tell me a little bit about your background.

It’s probably good that you know I was a school counselor for many years. I worked with kids from all walks of life. It’s common for kids to curse when upset, but I was always amazed at their incredible swear language. My work as a school counselor was my training ground because, after that, nothing rattled me. 

Are you a regular board game or card game player?

We love games in our family. We play games all the time, and it was a big part of my two kids’ lives when they grew up.

Balderdash was one of our favorites. 

We would always play games on the weekends. It was fun for a single parent to pull out a game, make a nice meal, and just spend time with my kids. Sometimes their friends would come over, and it was easy for them to jump into the fun. Games were an easy way for us to slow down and reconnect.

We even played games at large family events—everybody at the table. You could put an aunt, nephew, and my grandmother around the table, and then everybody could play.

Where did the idea for the ‘Are You A Potty Mouth’ card game come from?

After retiring, I was relaxing watching the game show, Wheel of Fortune. I don’t remember the exact phrase, but it triggered a question of, “Are there any games about swearing?” 

I jumped on the internet and searched high and low, and there wasn’t anything. So that was the birth of the idea! 

What different forms did you try before settling on a card game?

After I had the initial idea and did my research. The look and feel of the game changed a lot. It actually took four years and many changes before we settled on this final product. 

Initially, I tried designing the game around using erase boards and having players write phrases. Later, I tried a version where players had to use a timer. Eventually, that was removed because it really slowed the game down.

Then I color-coded the category and used colored dice. Whatever color that dice would turn up, that was the card you picked up. It dragged the game down as well, so I had to scrap that idea. 

It’s gone through four different revisions to its current version, which is just pure cards.

What were some of the challenges that you faced while creating this game?

The biggest challenge in creating the game was deciding out what information to use. I had to decide between historical data and current-day trends. This game is multi-generational, so it needed to appeal to a broad audience. 

I would find inspiration in so many places. I read books about swearing, history about swearing, geographical curse words- all kinds of information. 

I did research to figure out which cards made people laugh. I wanted to be current, so I always looked at the latest research about swearing. I follow blogs about the most up-to-date social trends and pop culture. I didn’t only look at the history behind curse words, or just old curse words, but also the new stuff. 

What is one of the phrases that you really enjoy?

There’s a phrase in there, ‘shitting through a needle.’ That was when a person had diarrhea, and they didn’t want to dirty the toilet. So, they would say, “I ought to shit through a needle.” That is hilarious, right?

What recommendation would you give someone that’s where you were four years ago?

I would say you need to stick to your vision but still be flexible when you hear feedback. 

Initially, I was giving out questionnaires when somebody tested out the game. Everybody got a questionnaire, and it was anonymous. I asked all sorts of questions about the content, the quality, the humor – I wanted people really to be honest. 

Sometimes, that honesty is really harsh. 

But I had to look at it objectively and say, “Some people are saying that, so there’s something that I need to fix.”

At other times you need a clear-cut vision of what you want to make. People will often say, “Oh, you need to do this.” Or, “You need to do that.” They mean it all from the best of intentions, but sometimes that can divert you from your vision. 

So it’s all about finding the right balance between the two and staying objective.

What are some of your recent victories?

The final product is absolutely my vision. It’s perfect.

The cards look amazing; the categories are fun and engaging. I love everything about it. 

After four years of thinking about Are You A Potty Mouth, it’s so exciting to have the physical copy in hand. The box and cards’ color is exactly as I had envisioned in my dream for the final product. 

Jodi Wahlen was able to capture the fun and playful nature of the illustrations and card design. 

Where should we look to find the Are You A Potty Mouth card game?

We are in the process of getting the game up on Amazon, so it’s easier for some people to purchase the game. You can still buy Are You A Potty Mouth directly on our website. 

Thank you for reading today’s blog post and learning a little bit about the owner, operator, and heart behind Are You A Potty Mouth, Soraya Seiden. She will share more of her insights and fun facts that she uncovered while creating this fun, funny, and multi-generational party game. 

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DISCLAIMER: OOPS! guess who f@#ked up? In my excitement to finally get the game launched despite hours, and hours of proofreading with my team some errors got by us. Luckily enough it does not affect game play. S#$t Happens. Hold on to your game as it will be more valuable than the next edition without errors.