Get ready to laugh your @$$ off! Bring Are You A Pottymouth to your next get together.

One of the great things about a card game is that it can bring people together. A simple stack of cards can help you press pause on your worries and transport you to a different place. Quality time with others and a good dose of laughter can help you unwind and relax. Today we dive into the philosophy behind the game, who can play, and where you can purchase your own copy.

An Inclusive Card Game

The driving philosophy behind Are You A Pottymouth is that although it does contain cursing, it does not contain sexual, derogatory, or prejudicial language. Our card game creator, Soraya, felt that as a card game creator, woman, and person on this planet – the game should be inclusive, not offensive. Ultimately her goal is to create a game that was fun for as many people as possible. It was decided very early that this game’s jokes and laughter would not be at someone else’s expense. Our goal is and always has been to bring people together, break down barriers, and bring a little joy to your day. 

A Card Game To Get To Know Someone Better

You would be surprised how many reviews talk about how the game helped them get to know friends or family members. Many people don’t expect a card game about swearing to be an excellent way to get to know someone. However, it is because the content feels a little taboo or silly at times that makes it fun. 

We find that whenever we bring out the game, people lighten up, and relax. The playful drawing on the cover cracks people up and starts the conversation before you even start playing. For half an hour to an hour, you get the opportunity to press pause on the worries and troubles of your day. You get some time to disconnect from the screens, alerts, and notifications for just a moment. 

All you need to do is, shuffle the deck, deal the cards, and get ready to laugh!

Even our reviewers tell us how the game made them laugh and enjoy the company of others. One 5-star review stated that “I never thought I’d hear my grandma say fart so much!” We love hearing testimonials from our players; you can just imagine the fun they had as a family that night!

A Multi-Generational Card Game

Some people think that swearing is too offensive and that players over a certain age would not enjoy the game. However, this simply isn’t true. First, in our opinion, talking about swearing is not offensive in any way – It is more matter of fact. While some people may find some of the language offensive, much of it is actually quite historical. What we consider to be a bad or swear word today, was just common language hundreds of years ago. 

Secondly, our game is multi-generational because it draws from different parts of modern culture and swear words’ historical uses. Are You A Pottymouth taps on everybody’s knowledge in different and unique ways. It doesn’t matter if you are in your 60’s or just 17 years old – there will be a card for you. We made it a point to look at modern references as well as those from the hundreds and hundreds of years ago. The categories are diverse enough that if you’re bad at history you may have a chance in the TV, music, or geography category. 

Who Shouldn’t Play Are You A Pottymouth

It’s important to note that this game is not recommended for individuals under the age of 16. We understand and cannot argue that some people find cursing to be offensive no matter what. For that reason, we do suggest that this game is played by those over 16 years of age and older. 

Where Can You Buy the Are You A Pottymouth Card Game?

You can always purchase your copy of the game directly from our website. We are working on getting more local, regional, and national sellers to carry the game. Each month we have been able to pick up a few more retailers where you can pick-up your copy. Here are two more places where you can pick up the game.

The first new location we’d like to announce is AC Gaming. A great local game store, and they have all of the latest and greatest games. Recently they even allowed us space and time to meet our fans and sign their copy of the game. The second location, we are excited to announce is selling the game is A Beautiful Mess. A Beautiful Mess is a great boutique to find all sorts of gifts for yourself or others.

Beyond these local retailers, you can also purchase it online via Etsy and eBay. We are building more relationships with retailers every day. Stay tuned to find out if there is a store in your neighborhood that is carrying the game.

 If you want to sell Are You A Pottymouth at your store, just send us an email!

Playing Are You A Pottymouth Online

Many people during the time of COVID are still finding fun ways to stay connected and play games.  We’ve received several messages from fans letting us know that they have been able to play via video conferencing. Apps like Zoom, Google, and Facebook make it easier than ever to get together safely and play a round of Pottymouth! If you’ve tried playing Are You A Pottymouth online using video conferencing, let us know how it went! 


If you’re looking for a game that you can play with family or a new friend, purchase Are You A Pottymouth. Our goal is to create an inclusive game that (almost) everyone could enjoy. Not only will you get to know a friend or family member better, but you may also come out of it knowing a lot of obscure trivia facts! Be sure to purchase your copy of Are You A Pottymouth and bring it with you to your next get-together. And if you can’t get together right now in person- try playing on Zoom!

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DISCLAIMER: OOPS! guess who f@#ked up? In my excitement to finally get the game launched despite hours, and hours of proofreading with my team some errors got by us. Luckily enough it does not affect game play. S#$t Happens. Hold on to your game as it will be more valuable than the next edition without errors.